Is the teeming millions dead?

I have gone to the teeming millions web page (shown on Cecil’s site) and it has never changed. There are dead links, and no updates for years. Is this site dead. Why is there a link to it? :confused:

We do not support or upgrade those pages; we have a link as a courtesy.

You’ll need to talk to Opal about an update. She’s pretty busy these days so we should probably remove the link and be done with it.

I think a good plan might be to link to OpalCat’s regular site.
Many SDMBers post there as well as here.
And that is where many SDMBers come to ask if this site is up, etc.
There’s also a chat room that comes in handy for such questions.

I jumped in here, all eager to snipe at someone’s grammar (thread title). Now I’m unsatisfied. :mad: :wink:

The teeming millions was not OpalCat, 'twas Eutychus, and, yes, 'tis dead.

I vaguely remember a poster a few months ago trying to get it going again, but that effort must have come to naught.

You are thinking of the ezine Teemings. Here is the thread:

Opal designed and ran the Teeming Millions site (and still does, as far as I know), which hosted Teemings, although the Teemings link now says it is being moved to a new server. Apparently, it was moved here:

The link on the Straight Dope front page goes to the ezine. I assumed that is what the OP meant. shrug Could be wrong.

See here:

Thanks for that link. I finally tried the Page O’ Funnies and got a good laugh.
There should be no rush to disable any of the links.

It does say “Archives” right next to the teemings description. I suppose that bit could be moved to the front of the description and bolded to make it more properly obvious, if I were to make a suggestion.

I retract this suggestion. I now realize that it is better to follow TubaDiva’s suggestion to just remove the link. No good can come from it.