Is the U.N. good for the U.S.?

What have we gained from our participation in the U.N.? Wouldn’t it be a somewhat worthless body without us?


Let the games begin!!

Oh, dear, “Let the games begin” is probably about right. I wonder whether this was a genuine question at all.

O.K., then, I have a copy of the United Nations charter in front of me now, and I should imagine that other posters who have read this question have furnished their desks likewise. I’m afraid it does not seem to specify that the U.N. should exist for the benefit of any one particular state. I may be wrong, of course; there is quite a bit to read through, as I am sure you already know, O web-footed one. :slight_smile:

It may be more symbolic than real, with all the actual decisions happening elsewhere,

BUT, that is exactly what makes it valuable to our foreign policy. We, and the arabs and the Chinese, can all point to it to explain decisions that are unpopular at home, but necessary to make the world machine run.