Is the ukulele popular in Ireland?

The reason I am asking this is that there is currently an ad on the radio in Tampa, Florida for a local Irish pub, announcing an upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The announcer goes on to list a bunch of Irish bands that will be there, then he says, “Grab your ukulele and come join us!”. Is he just trying to be funny, or can we really expect an army of ukulele-toting sons of Erin to show up?

Is it possible he was supposed to say “shillelagh”?

That would certainly be more useful in the middle of a donnybrook…

There might have been a misunderstanding on the scriptwriter’s part, given the modern popularity of the bouzouki in Irish folk music.

Ukelele isn’t so common here, but the banjo is reasonably popular.

Likewise the mandolin.

What language is “ukulele” from ?


Hawaiian, I believe.

And the bagpipes are quite popular in Hawai’i.

Ah Yes. :smack: The Brady Bunch. It’s all coming back to me.

Don Who?