Is the USPS financially responsible for losing my packages?

So I buy some stuff from Ebay. Most of it arrives NP. This month two items never arrive and the senders inform me that according to USPS tracking I’ve already recieved it. I take my info to the local PO.

I live in an apartment complex and we have package lockers. If I get a package the carrier leaves a key in my mailbox for the appropriate locker. The post office says that the carrier left my packages at my door.

“Well sometimes the package lockers are all taken.”
That’s not secure. I live in an apartment building with lots of traffic going by my door. I’d rather get a note saying I had a package or deliver it the next day.

"Oh, well we can do that next time. "

Okay, but what about the packages I paid for not never received?

They are actually still in the research phase but they hinted that’s what happened. Has anybody been through this? Are they in any way responsible if the carrier was negligent?

This has come up a few times in the last few months here:


Did you have postal insurance on it?

If no, then that’s it. There is nothing to do or claim.

Thanks. I did a search and found the other threads. They pretty much confirm what you’ve said, although a couple of posters said the USPS might make good.

A couple of people suggested getting a charge back from EBay but the folks who sent me the merchandise did a good job. We’ll see what happens.