Is The West Wing being remade?

I just looked up The West Wing on the IMDB and it rather cryptically mentioned that this title is being used for something “in development.” Remake? Reboot? Continuation?

I’d love to see a hard reboot where the president is a right-wing mercenary pig, but the hook of the show is, “that’s actually better for the country and here’s why.” It kind of bothered me that Jeb Bartlet was a flawless Philosopher-King who lucked into a time period when 9-11 never happened and a Mideast treaty did.

What would you like to see in a new West Wing series?

I’m trying to think what the most hack premise would be.

Probably something like in the West Wing universe a Trump-like figure runs the country for 8 years and absolutely devastates it, and Bartlet comes back for a 3rd term after non-Trump manages to executive-action his way to getting rid of the 22nd Amendment but dies of a heart attack during his 3rd term campaign, leaving the path open for Bartlet again.