Is the whole of Congress on dope?

I was just flipping channels on my TV a few minutes ago and stopped when I came to a report being aired on my local ABC affiliate here in south Jersey, which showed an except from what I presumed to be one of the Sunday political talk shows, in which senator Richard luger was putting what I can only term a positive spin, not only on the latest wave of violence in Iraq, but on the latest allegations of rape of an Iraqi girl and the subsequent murder of the girl and her entire family as well.

Mr. Luger talked about how the US is making significant progress with regard to the violence and killiings in Iraq (delusional much?) and when questioned about the recent rape charges simply said they were “troubling” and immediately launched into a rah-rah speech about we’re doing the right thing over there. My mouth dropped open!

I’m so disgusted by what I just heard that blood is pounding behind my eyeballs right now. The report was in progress when I came to it, so I hope someone has the interview recorded or can tell me where I can find it. I just need to confirm that I actually heard what I believe I did and am not jumping to conclusions.

What I’d like to know is what the Hell is wrong with these people? Are the republicans so totally blinded by party loyalty that they’ll find a way to justify and dismiss even the most evil of acts? How long will this administration get away with saying white is black? :confused:

That should have been ‘excerpt’ :smack:

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The scary thing is, Lugar’s regarded as one of the saner Republicans in Congress. So he’s a fairly decent bellweather of where Congress as a whole is on Iraq.

Basically, yes. Remember, most Republicans are Christians…fundamentalist Christians, to be precise…and this whole Iraq war is basically a religious jihad, though none of them will fess up to it. Having GOD on your side is all the justification certain people need to turn a blind eye to rape, torture, and murder.

Until we vote them out of office. That’s the real problem…most Americans are too stupid and/or brainwashed to take responsibility for voting these yahoos into office in the first place. Mainly because, they are Christian as well (though not necessarily fundamentalist) and somehow, the current administration scored a major coup by convincing these people that they will GO TO HELL if they don’t vote Republican! That’s what we’re dealing with, brainwashing on a massive scale.

I tend to doubt that this is true and it would be interesting to see actual evidence for the claim.

Accepting support from the Fundamentalist Christian faction in the country is not really different than the Democrats accepting support from unions or the Republican accepting support from corporations (or their boards). I suspect that you have simply jumped (rashly) to a conclusion regarding the religious backgrounds of various congresscritters, here. (Heck, Bush and Cheney are not really FCs, although I suspect that Bush would be more comfortable as an FC if Laura did not guide his choice of churches.)

I didn’t see the show in question, but from your description of it, it didn’t seem like Sen. Luger was putting a positive spin on the rape/murder charges. He did say they were “troubling”. He just claimed that in spite of things like that, the US is making progress in stopping the Iraqi violence.

fundamentalist Christian = dipshit
dipshit != Fundamentalist Christian

Any questions?


That’s like getting pulled over for drunk driving, and claiming, in spite of sobriety and breathalyzer tests to the contrary, that you really didn’t have that much to drink.

Yes. In spite of this troubling little trifle of a girl raped and murdered and her family murdered by our soldiers, we’re making real progress. Most of the violence is committed by us now.

No, it’s not really anything like that. It’s a case of “One swallow does not make a spring”. That’s to say, the US could be succeeding over there in general, in spite of something like the rape/murder occuring. The rape and murder just isn’t significant in itself.

This isn’t “most of the violence” by any standard. It’s one event…one set of crimes.

…which is obviously not true, Captain. What progress? Where? His response was pure spin. With regard to the rape/murder, if he wasn’t attempting to spin it (which would be disgustingly reprehensible) he seemed definitely to be minimizing, if not dismissing the importance/impact of the charges.

Yes it is. What a ridiculous thing to say. Crap like this undermines our attempts even further. Do you really think that this kind of thing has no effect on the general population? That they won’t be spurred to further violence or insurrection against our troops? Single acts like this have huge significance. That’s like saying Steven Biko falling down the stairs 20 times or so after his arrest had no significance on the movement against Apartheid.

The progress would be whatever progress he cited during the show…like I said, I didn’t watch it, so I don’t know to what extent . But what I’m saying, if we are making progress in Iraq, the death of the woman and her family doesn’t change that.

That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying you can’t use an isolated anomalous atrocity to judge overall progress.

I realize that. And what I’m saying is, this isolated anomalous incident is going to hamper our overall progress in a very one step forward, three steps back kind of way. It’s instagatory. It’s all very well to point out what progress we’ve made, but things like this take that progress and render it useless in a very real way.

And I will stop using analogies as of now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look, I realize it’s only natural to want to separate this and say it’s not representative of the work we’ve done there and progress has been made and yada yada yada. But everything we do, especially the big, splashy things that end up on the news, affects whether or not we go forward or backward in Iraq. You cannot separate this out from everything we’ve done there, because the Iraqis don’t separate it out. It’s all lumped together in one big, ugly mess. And people we’ve helped are not going to see this as an isolated incident.

While this one case is vile and if the individuals are found guilty - they will be punished. But to say that most of the violence is being committed by us. Do you not watch the news? Every day there are stories of slaughter of innocents on buses, in markets, in mosques, etc by sectarian extremist. Do you not classify that as violence?

Please don’t impugn the reputation of dope by associating it with Congress.