Is the worst possible comics crossover really . . .

. . . Witchblade/Howard the Duck? (if this is more than a week old, you’ll have to scroll back)

It’s late at night, but I’m sure that with a little rest I could come up with something worse.

Anyone else care to try?

Archie/Punisher’s been done. And it was a pretty good comic.

I’d like to see Jack Chick’s Crusader Comics do a crossover with Cherry Poptart! (Them poseable-action-figure evangelists needs to get laid!)

OK, so The Punisher/Archie worked…

How about The Punisher/Family Circus

“Who shot Dolly?”

“Not Me”

Or better still – Crusader/Freak Brothers!

Thing is, Howard the Duck was a fantastic satirical book when written by Steve Gerber back in the '70s. Howard really would work well in some crossovers with the right writer and character. I wonder what Elllis or Millar would do with it.

I don’t know much about Witchblade, but the original Steve Gerber Howard the Duck would have worked well with anything. People who know only about the movie don’t realize how good the comic really was, and the concept would allow for any crossover – though it would have been done for laughs.

How about Witchblade and Donald Duck?

Amen! Preach it brother Chuck, preach it!
“Oh, no, he’s going to obwiterwate Cweavewand!”

“Hare Rama, Hare Reasoner”

“I don’t understand somethin’ toots.”

“My name is not toots!”

“Fine. Explain something ta me, officer Pezzini.”


“That Witchblade doohickey can make all the weapons and armor you want, right?”


“So why is it, instead of a full suit of armor with helmet, yer wearin so little I can tell ya Brazillian wax?”

“Um, well . . .”

“And yer in love with an assassin who’s tried to kill ya? And ya got unresolved traumas from childhood?”

“Yes, but-”

“Don’t you hairless apes have some kind of screening process ta put people through before you give 'em guns and badges?”

Omaha the Cat Dancer and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac might be interesting.

Or Omaha and the webcomic Jack

The comic’s pages would end up both damp and sticky with a sludge of blood and congealed evil.

It’ll definitely beat the Howard the Duck/Red Sonja crossover all hollow.

I’m liking these!

Right now I’m trying to imagine what a Chick Tract/Zippy the Pinhead crossover would look like. I get close sometimes, but then my brain starts whimpering and trying to hide.

Here I was thinking someone was going to say “Our Worlds at War”.