Is there a better FTP app for website administration than filezilla?

If so, I would like recommendations.

My biggest want is something that allows me to edit files as close to as if they were local as possible.

In other words I want to be able to click the save button in my editor (in my case notepad++) and then click refresh on my browser.

Currently I have to click save. Go to filezilla. Upload the file. Go to browser and refresh.

I know it’s a minor thing to want, but when you’re making lots and lots of mini changes it becomes somewhat tiresome to have to keep asking filezilla to re-upload the file.

At work I have access to a web server directly so when I click save on a file I’m editing the file is saved to the webserver, so I can immediately run the file in my browser. I am looking for a way for it to be as convenient as this when I’m working on my own website.

webfolders is out of the equation for now because the makers of cpanel haven’t yet got it working in windows 7.

And also making a copy of my website locally and testing it with something like winamp is also not an option (because it defeats the object of quickness and convenience… if I have to copy my entire website back to my local machine every time I want to work on it)

So, any recommendations?

I believe Notepad++ supports plugins - perhaps someone has written one to do something like this, or you can write one yourself.

You guided me in the right direction :)…

Thanks. It seems like this is exactly what I’m looking for.

WinSCP does everything you need, and then some. I use it to manage my Linux server.

CuteFTP and CoreFTP will both do what you want. CoreFTP is free.

It sounds like you’ve already found a nice plugin for Notepad++, but I will point out that NetDrive is a Webfolders replacement you might like. That will make it easier to edit graphics files, too, as you will be mounting the FTP site as a virtual drive.

The only problem is it costs $30 for the non-home version.