Is there a better way to buy diamonds?

There have been many threads about how evil the diamond industry is and many threads about how stupid it is to buy diamonds at all. Neither of these facts matters one iota however when the fiancee’s eyes start sparkling about how excited she is to be getting a diamond ring. Since I like it when her eyes sparkle, is there a better way to buy new (unpreowned) diamonds that doesn’t go through the DeBeers consortium? It’s not the cost that bugs us (we’re looking in the $15-20k range) but rather the fact that I don’t like the way DeBeers does business.

Has anyone found a better way?

Yep, Diavik mines. Canadian gem quality diamonds, not through de Beers, and not marinated in blood. Mined in partnership with the First Nations.

Got high hopes for True North Gems as well, since I am powerfully fond of emeralds, and I’d rather not have them bloodstained.

‘Zat whatcha lookin’ for? :slight_smile:

The New Diamond Age

It’s a Wired article about artificial diamonds. They are artificial in the sense of being made by a machine, but they are chemically identical to natural diamonds, and indistinguishable from them.

I know you said “new” and “unpreowned”, but have you thought about looking into vintage or estate jewelry? I ask, because I had never considered it when buying jewelry until recently. Suburban Plankton bought me a gorgeous ring for my anniversay as well as 1930’s cocktail watch for Mother’s Day.

I was thrilled and not at all upset that someone else had owned them before. Actually everyone who has seen them has commented on how unique they are, how they’d never seen anything like it. Anyway, just thought I’d make the suggestion.