Is there a correlation between long-term temp changes on Earth and Mars?

A friend on facebook has mentioned such a correlation. (It’s a global warming discussion.) I’ve never heard of such a thing, and google reveals nothing.

Have you heard of this before? Do you know where the idea is coming from?

What search terms did you use?
Apparently not the obvious.

It’s another bullshit attempt by the looney right to claim that climate change is not our fault. The false claim is that temperatures are rising on all the planets, so the sun is causing it. Not true - temps are rising on some planets but not others.

The Bad Astronomy blog has many entries on climate change denialism, including this red-state herring.

Whether climate change is caused by human or solar activity, we would have to take the same annoying expensive steps to save our climate that the anti-reality nutjobs want to avoid. Their argument here is not only factually wrong, it’s useless even if it were correct.

I shouldn’t be so blunt but I am oedipally sick of these lying moronic politicians and the brain-dead sheeple who defend every single one of their falshoods.

Of course, regardless of global warming, in the long term, one would expect for there to be a correlation – the sun is the primary driver of both planets climates (readily seen by imagining the climate without sun), and variations there would be expected to lead to correlated variations on all the solar system’s planets. Take the extreme cases: snuff out the sun, and it gets cold fast; have it go red giant, and there will be a marked increase in temperature throughout the solar system.

Unfortunately, No. Mars is to far out to be affected by sun light as Mars is surrounded by a vacuum nothing changes.

So I guess the explanation for its polar caps growing and shrinking seasonally is “space heaters”?

I used combinations of “earth” “mars” “temperature” “correlation” and words in that semantic area.

Fuck you, Blake.

I don’t know, today I search google and it comes up with plenty of hits. All I can think of to explain last night’s searches is typos.

This does not make Blake any less of an asshole.

Found the searches. Turns out I was using terms taken from my friends’ own posts, which turned out not to be the best terms to use.

Which is beside the point because mr. B is still a you-know-what.

Are you saying that Mars has no atmosphere? This is not correct.

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That’s not right.

I’ve been wondering about this as well. The stories in 2007 about “global warming on mars,” like this Times article, seem to be based on this Nature paper by Fenton, Geissler & Haberle. But the paper only reports on observed albedo change on Mars, and says the observed albedo change is predicted (based on computer models) to cause a 0.65C temperature rise. I haven’t seen an actual temperature record to confirm this has happened - if there is one, can someone post a reference or link?

(p.s. It’s amusing to see that global warming deniers always say computer models are useless, but have no trouble believing this particular computer model of Mars.)


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What I find hilarious is when the truth-deniers spout this line, and use Pluto as one of the examples. Yeah, Pluto is warmer this century than it was last century. And it’s warmer right now on Earth than it was six months ago.

That said, you need to show a lot more than that there’s a correlation. Undoubtedly, there is, but the much more relevant question is how large that correlation is, especially compared with correlations like to the amount of anthropogenic CO[sub]2[/sub] in the atmosphere.

You sure? I thought perihelion was in January.