Is there a fancy Christmas RC church event in Vegas?

I’m tentatively planning on going to Vegas for Christmas, and my mom was considering coming too. But Mom LOVES big, spectacular Christmas celebrations at church. She’s RCC and usually goes to the cathedral for Midnight Mass, so she loves lots of music and pomp.

Is there such a thing in the Vegas area for Christmas? Anyone know?

I don’t see why not. A good friend of mine is from Vegas, and she was raised Catholic, so it’s not like there aren’t Catholics in the area.

/unhelpful answer.

Just having Catholics in the area doesn’t mean any of the churches puts on a show, y’know?

What like with showgirls and strippers and Tom Jones? Hell I’d go to church to see that.

I don’t know, but here is a list of RCC churches in downtown Las Vegas; you might try contacting one of them.

“It’s not unusual to break bread with anyone… Da da da da da daaaa!”

Yeah, I’d go.

And from that list it looks like the cathedral for the diocese of Las Vegas is conveniently located by the Frontier, Stardust & Wynn hotels. If any place has a full-on midnight Mass, it’s probably there.

Given the length of a traditional midnight Mass, you’ll probably be able to leave the cathedral and hit the breakfast buffets at the casinos.

She’ll go staggering into the casinos from church rather than into church from the casinos? :smiley:

The history of the Guardian Angel Cathedral says it was begun in the 60’s as a shrine to serve casino employees and tourists. The church grew as the city did; it became the Co-Cathedral of Reno-Las Vegas and is now the Cathedral of the Las Vegas Diocese. There’s some interesting modern art & I’m pretty sure they make strangers feel welcome.

Las Vegas doesn’t do fancy, big and spectacular, or pomp.