Is there a free alternative to malwarebytes

I have some kind of ad infection on chrome. It fills the top of the first page with ads and then it redirects some of my mouse clicks.

I tried several programs, the only thing that got rid of it was malwarebytes. But that program was only free for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks (or however long it was) was up, the ads came back.

Is there a free alternative I can use?

Malwarebytes will continue to work; you just have to run it manually and you lose the real-time protection.

The chances are you have installed an extension that is a vector for the malware.

Yeah I probably did. Egg on my face.

Is there any way to get rid of it?

Yes; open Malwarebytes, and click on “Threat Scan”.

Also give the free version of AdAware a try. Along with Malwarebytes, it will handle the majority of problems you come across. They’ll usually be able to automatically delete the malware, but sometimes you’ll have to search how to manually remove it by the name. Be careful and don’t download any other program that may be recommended by the links you may follow. If you Malwarebytes / AdAware can’t delete it automatically, no other program will be able to either.

If you’re still having issues, post the name of the name given and someone will likely be able to help.

Run Adwcleaner (also offered by malwarebytes).

What operating system are you running? If Windows 10, then the build-in Windows Defender is roughly comparable to other anti-virus.

In those instances I’ve used ComboFix. It usually gets rid of things the other two can’t.
I don’t know if MWB/Adaware/Combofix is still the trifecta, but it’s what I’ve always used. Luckily, I haven’t had to in quite a while.
Another option, which I tend to forget about, is to see if you have any restore points set. If you do, just have it restore to a few days or a week ago and see if that helps.

And, not that it really matters at this point, but in the last year or so I’ve had my computers automatically backup (or rather constantly sync) with google cloud. It’s a lot easier than manually backing up to a jump drive and if things get really bad, it’s not as big of a deal to start over.

A quick fix might be to reset Chrome to defaults and then clear the cache.

Just make a note of your startup windows and other settings you’ll want to put back in first.

I’ve cleared up browser issues with this technique many times. Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

If it’s coming back, it’s best just to do a clean install of Win10 (If you have that).

The thing I love about Win10 is it ties the license to the motherboard, so with my Dell, I was able to to a clean install of Win10 without any of the Dell extras that I hate.
Just back up your files, and reinstall it fresh, that way you’re certain to have a clean system.

I forgot about ComboFix . Run it only if recommended/needed as it take out things that may be shouldn’t be removed. You may also need need Rkill [URL=“”] for really tough malware. Like ComboFix, run it only if you’re instructed to as it will allow to you shut down and delete even critical Windows files. Keep both in your PC repair toolbox as some really nasty viruses (though unlikely malware) will block the download after infection.

I just learned that ComboFix isn’t compatible with Win 8.1 and Win 10 and according to the ComboFix developers, won’t be.

Edit: Link removed for possible incorrect software links.

Malwarebytes has both a free and a paid version. These days, when you install it, it gives you the option of a free trial of the paid version (for real time protection). Most people click through. That’s fine, but you’ll get nags to pay for it. There is a way to just say no to the paid version and use the free version indefinitely.

If your issue is with browser add-ons, get Adaware from Malwarebytes. It’s better at finding browser hijackers and add-ins.

Of the ones on this page ( ), I’ve used the AVG boot disk successfully. The Kaspersky specifically addresses malware, but I don’t know how you feel about Kaspersky; seems like I’ve heard they have some questionable practices.