Is there a GOOD chocolate flavor for coffee?

I don’t want to put Hershey’s syrup in my Nectar of the Gods. A chunk of dark chocolate in the cup doesn’t do the trick.

Have my fellow Dopers found a chocolate flavor that is to die for??


This sounds stupid but it is really great.
Put a teaspoon of General Foods International Swiss Mocha powered mix into a good strong cup of coffee and it is quite good. Not sweet but a nice taste of chocolate.

Semisweet chocolate chips are nice.

Starbucks has a nice Mocha powder that we have in the kitchen cabinet. It comes in a square tin container, and is verrrry good.

My wife and I have tested a lot, and we have come up with exactly one that works very, very well:

Make your cup 12-16 oz., half coffee, half heated milk.
Add 1 heaping tsp. of Ghirardelli Chocolate Mocha mix. No other variety of Ghirardelli is as good, nothing else really comes close.

Sugar, cinnamon or caramel as well if that’s your taste.

I had a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks tonight and let me tell you it was out of this world. I didn’t know they had a Mocha powder they sell. I will have to check that out!

Thanks folks. I’ll try these ideas.

I tried putting some Ghirardelli baking chocolate in the coffee and it didn’t turn out too well. Is baking chocolate a poor choice?

The powder ideas sound really good. I’ll look for the Ghirardelli powder. There are no Starbucks in the area. (I’m near Las Cruces, NM for a while)

Thanks again, Lee

I like to put about a tablespoon of good dark cocoa and about half as much demera sugar in a big ol’ mug, and then add coffee, while stirring to make sure that it blends in nicely. Then add a bit of cream. Oh yeah.

At some Gloria Jeans in Australia (I’m not sure if they operate in the US), they sell these DELICIOUS coffee beans under then name “Mudslide”. They have a lovely chocolate flavour through them and are just beautiful.

I do about the same as Larry Mudd does. 'Cept I use expresso coffee and hot milk instead of regular coffee and cream.

I can’t vouch for baking chocolate, these are chocolate drink powders that come in cans.

Eww if it was baking chocolate it was probably very bitte since its unsweetened r …

Have you tried some of the flavored creamers that international delight make ?

They do have gloria jeans in america but I think they were bought out by something called le perk It sucks since I cant get a milky way coffee anymore …<sobs>