Your favorite coffee beverage?

This time of year I am craving pumpkin spice latte!!!

Coffee. Dark roast. Black, or with one of those flavoured creamers.

Though there’s a place near here that does an awesome espresso milkshake.

This is easy. My favorite coffee?
Darker and bolder the better.

Double espresso.

I’ve been known to have an octuple espresso or a 10-shot espresso.

can’t answer.

depends on time of day, time for drinking, day of week.

Coffee. Good, quality beans, medium roast. With a big dose of cream or half-and-half. No sugar.

This is going to make the purists gnash their teeth, but the Starbucks-masquerading-as-a-hotel-Cafe at my workplace makes a frozen white chocolate mocha blended with fresh strawberries that is divine. Only a rare treat though - usually I just go for the vanilla lattes.

Americano, with less water

Espresso. Made either by me on my home machine, or by a decent espresso maker.

Starbucks and most other chain espresso joints don’t count as decent espresso makers.

Made-at-home with fresh-ground coffee triple/quadruple shot latte with gingerbread syrup and 3 sugars/Splendas. Mmmmmm.

Yup. Folger’s Black Silk for a affordable morning jolt.

You might want to try meth. It might be cheaper, and healthier, in the long run. :stuck_out_tongue:

White mocca at a certain nationally-recognized chain coffee company. If I haven’t gotten much sleep, it’s upped to a a triple white mocca.

At a certain other national brand store it’s a french vanilla with cream and sugar.

If I’m at home, the coffee beans come from a certain national brand that tells time, with a great deal of caramel vanilla creamer and sugar added.

thread hijack. how do you ratio your coffee to water for the coffeemaker? One teaspoon or one tablespoon per cup?

Quad Espresso over ice. All ice, no water.

Freshly ground mocha java - straight up with nothing added. Made strong enough to stain your teeth. A 16 oz mug every morning. Now that’s how to start your day.

Homemade cappucino with maybe a little cinnamon on top. Trader Joe’s Kona for a regular cup of coffee, real sugar, real cream.

Nobody adds a little rum or something to their coffee now and then?

I spend more than half my life drinking iced coffee. I make a 12-cup pot with half-n-half and Splenda, keep it in the refrigerator. It lasts 2-3 days.

I’ve been known to drop a drop or two of Bailey’s (or Sambuca, or Amaretto) into my coffee from time-to-time.

But not hard liquor.

If it’s done right, which it seldom is: A Grande espresso Frappe with whip and only one shot of the sweet stuff. What that basically means is put two cups of cold coffee into the blender with two shots of espresso and a tiny dollop of cream and all the ice you can fit in the cup.

Or if I’m at home, Gevalia Kona brewed very strong. That is all. Strong coffee, rich not bitter, with nothing else in it.