Is there a good online resource about Turks and Caicos wildlife? (need answer fastish)

Hi from the Caribbean!

Anyway, there’s a lot of cool stuff running around here. Lizards, bats, crabs, giant moths, giant spiders- it would be awesome if I knew exactly what those critters were called. But most of the websites seem to focus on the charismatic touristfauna, or just talk about “crabs” and “fish” without giving enough detail to really help me figure out which crab or fish I’ve seen. (It doesn’t help that the internet connection here is glacial, so what might take half an hour to search at home can take hours here). Help please?

Google does amazing things.

I can’t find anything that is particularly exhaustive as a resource.

The only advice I have (and it’s not brilliant advice if you are on a slow connection) is to subdivide your search, and do image searches to try to find a match to what you’ve seen.

That is, rather than looking for a source that covers ‘fauna’, do specific image searches such as:
moth turks and caicos

spider turks and caicos

Then follow the matches back to (hopefully) a page with more information. Doesn’t look like there’s anywhere that has it all in one place (except academic studies, which are behind paywalls)

Here’s photos of the reptiles and amphibians.