Is there a good website to replace TvTome? has been taken over by and the new guides for their shows suck. What I really miss is the trivia being included within the episode guide themselves.

I’m looking for a comprehensive site for television, very like the for movies. Anyone know of a good one?

Nope, but that really sucks. What did they do, just throw away all that good stuff? Ughh!
They need to make a WikiTV.

How about

Nope, that’s as well. Once you get past the episode list it defaults to the episode guide.

When you click on a link on the epguides site, it takes to the new tvtome site.

I agree, the new look sucks.

So basically there is no good site for television anymore. If anyone wants to make a lot of money, they should start an for TV that is editable by the public and totally comprehensive.

I know it’s not as extensive, but I like