Best online TV guide?

I used to rely on Lately their site has been down a lot, and they are also getting way too annoying with their mouse-over popups.

I have switched to, so far, so good.

I’ve used zap2it, but their search engine sucks.

Agreed on the popups (some of which can’t be minimized/closed with my older Mozilla build), but I haven’t had downtime issues. It’s there when I need it, occasionally minus the first ten channels or so (basically the ESPNs and local access anyway). I will definitely admit it’s less than perfect.

I find Titan TV to be useful.

If you have a Yahoo login, you can get customized TV listings from them. I have that module as part of my ‘My Yahoo’ page, and the only thing I don’t like is that you have to click on the listing to see any information about the episode/movie/etc. I find it to be a great ‘quick reference’ thing, for instance if I just want to remind myself what time or which channel a particular show is on.

I discovered Zap2it about two months ago – when I switched from digital cable to expanded basic and gave up the on-screen guide – and it’s been my primary listing source ever since. It’s a little more customizeable than Yahoo, and the program information displays right in the grid. I’ve never used its search engine (didn’t know it had one, actually), so I can’t comment on Mr. Blue Sky’s complaint.

The TV Guide site drives me nuts, not only for the previously-mentioned popups but also because the window for the grid seems ridiculously small. Also, I don’t like any listing service where I can’t customize the channel lineup, because there are only 30 channels that I give a hoot about.

I’ve used TV Grid
for a few years now. I don’t know how customizable it is, also you have to click for program information but at least the channel listing is very inclusive.

I think I’ll try what you folks are using.

You can permanently enlarge the window by clicking the two little images above the grid.