Is there a Graphic Equalizer available for your Desktop wallpaper?

I want to find a constantly ever moving wallpaper… like one that serves as an equalizer for your music… does such a thing exist? where can i get one?

Nitpick: You’re looking for a spectrum analyzer, which is the display with the bars that move up and down as the amplitude from various frequencies changes. A graphic equalizer is the device that has sliders to control how much extra amplitude to give certain freqency ranges.

I don’t know of any products like that though. ATI’s All-In-Wonder TV Tuner cards used to put minimized TV signals in the wallpaper IIRC.

Another nitpick: Or you are looking for a visualization plugin that fills up your background. Head over to, and browse through Vis plugins.

Something like this?

This is an animated wallpaper program, but I don’t think it’ll do the spectrum analyzer (I’ve never tinkered with the settings to find out.)


Winamp5 comes with the Milkdrop plugin, which if you run in desktop mode should give you what you are looking for.

Some of the graphics on the equalizers are cool… and i just thought maybe it could be set up as a realtime wallpaper… so i could see it out of the corner of my eye (?)… i just think it would look cool… maybe i’m getting too serious about my desktop…

heh… is there a website devoted to creating custom desktops… via various software?

There IS a little applet for windows vista/7 users, that has a tiny spectrum analyzer that you can use. it links into the sound devices. There is a lot of anime related things on the page but it does have a simple bars setup. (

Aaaaa it’s a zombie! Damnit!

Sorry all.