Is there a Japanese term for "Out of Place Artifacts"?

It’s a silly question, but…is there a Japanese term for “Out of Place Artifacts” or “OOPARTS”? (Y’know, things like what’s supposed to be a spark plug found embedded in a vein of coal, what look like model airplanes found in ancient tombs, stuff like that.)

And no, for the record, I don’t believe in them, myself. But I am curious, for my own reasons, about some of the terminology.

Well damn. I had seen an animation that kept talking about ohpatsu and had no idea what it was and couldn’t find it in a dictionary.

So: Ohpatsu (Japanese pronunciation of OOPARTS) オーパーツ

Mysery solved for both of us.

Sage Rat is correct. Here’s a site I found that uses opatsu.

Mystery *

And a nice page (in Japanese) here.

Apparently the ancient greeks had a working clockwork–clock.

Great minds think alike! And link to the first google result

Hey, superb! Thanks, guys!


So does that actually translate to something in Japanese, or is that just a Japanization of the OOPATS acronym alluded to in the OP?

That would simply be a transliteration into Japanese. Very common.