Is there a legal way to watch the current season of The Walking Dead...

…without having cable?

I thought I could use the AMC app on my Roku but apparently that was just a “free preview” and midway through episode 2 it stopped. I know it will eventually be on Netflix but I would like to watch while it is airing. Is there a way?


Google “Walking Dead streaming” and you get:
From $1.99
Google Play Movies & TV
From $1.99
From $1.99
From $1.99
Amazon Prime Video

You can also get Sling or Vue.

I recommend Sling for this. Pay by the month, I think it’s $25/month. Cancel when the season’s done.

Or find a close friend or relative to share their cable TV log-in information. Throw them a few bucks if you feel it would make it less “sketchy.” (Here’s an article in the WaPo about the ethics and legality of log-in sharing, if anyone’s wondering.)