Is there a list of when olympic sports will be held

On the Cable’s ‘info’ button all i see is a list of sports that will be shown in a 16 block hour of olympics. Is there a site that shows when each sport will be shown or in what order they will be shown?

Can’t find anything online (nice job,!) but the network is intermittently running the schedule for each channel on the bottom of the screen, including a breakdown of start times for the different event coverage.

And with a little more digging I find this site which is a bit more comprehensive.

The Chicago Tribune has a list that is broken down into 2-6 hour chunks of time for network and cable stations. You’ll have to register, all times are Central, etc. The link is near the top of the front page.

I couldn’t find a good local one so I’m using the Athens Olympic Site listing down the right side and making the 7 hour adjustment. It has the times to the minute. So I could watch Phelps and Thorpe etc without listening to commentators drone on.

Maybe not too much help, but on the subject:

Here’s a “schedule by sport”. I’m not sure the TV people know exactly what they are going to show.