Problems with viewing Olympic equestrian events via NBC app (need answer fast!)

I downloaded the 2 NBC Olympics apps to my iPhone 4S so I could watch live coverage of the equestrian events.

Of the two completed events, only one video has been posted and it won’t run. According to the official London 2012 website, there are two equestrian events currently taking place but the NBC app says the events are “upcoming”.

I have already sent a question to via its feedback option, but I have little hope of getting an answer soon. Does anyone know why there is no live coverage of the equestrian events or why the video of the completed events won’t stream?

To the mods: I posted in General Questions because I think this is a technical question. If the mods think it belongs in an another forum, by all means move it there. Thank you much!

Sorry, I’m not going to be any help, but I thought this might be a good thread to vent about the general issue of scheduling, promoting, and broadcasting the events. I don’t have an iphone so I don’t know about that, but I’ve had my tv on for most of the day since the Olympics started and never saw an equestrian event. I found a “schedule” on Yahoo which allegedly showed the time of the equestrian events (4:00 to to 6:00 a.m.London time), set my DVR to record, and next day found four hours of water polo and soccer. I realize most people aren’t interested in equestrian events, but there are a lot of us who are, and I didn’t get to see any of them! Just seems to me that NBC or MSNBC or Yahoo or whoever is following the games could show/announce the dates and time of all the events. I missed Gabby’s triumphant win and most of the gymnastics. Televised events seemed to be limited to swimming, volleyball, and water polo. I’m p.o.ed.

Not sure why people keep going to Yahoo, has full schedules listed by sport. Equestrian has bounced from channel to channel, and look like it will continue to do so.

NBC is showing a mix of live and taped events on their stations during he early morning/daytimes, so it’s always possible that the schedule will not be 100% accurate (I don’t believe they planned on showing that Federer Tennis semifinal that went into super-overtime, for example, so that probably bumped some things around on Friday)

If you have cable, you can watch all events online for free at Even without cable, you can watch up to four hours (IIRC).* This includes all network feeds and live streaming of all events, as well as videos of the events after they’re over. I can see the individual team jumping event right now.

There’s an advertisement before the video, and occasional breaks for ads (usually at good breaking points), but otherwise you get the see the event. No commentary (usually), but scores are shown on the screen.

*If you have multiple e-mail addresses you can sign up with each for those four hours.