The NBC Olympics app is fun!

I was lounging around the App Store a few days ago and saw a free NBC App for the Sochi Olympics, so I downloaded it. Last night while watching, I remembered I had it, so I opened it up and took a look.

It’s a lot of fun! There is a menu with lots of features, one of which is “Primetime Companion.” When a new athlete comes on, the app updates and you can read short bio information about him or her, plus there is often photos, video, and other interesting information right there to nose about in. If you want to, you can seek out more about the person or the sport by choosing the sport menu.

Coupled with the feature stories presented on-air, it makes the Olympics more engaging, and you get up to speed on who these people are and how and why they do what they do. It was a hoot, for example, reading more about Mr. Giant Pants, AKA Henrik Harlaut, the freestyle skiier who looks like a family of four could house comfortably in his clothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was taken by the claim that he carried an uncooked egg in his pants during the slopestyle event, as some sort of good luck charm. Just following the announcers mentioning this, he promptly did a massive faceplant after landing off-axis on one of his jumps. I must assume the egg did not survive.

Ha! I forgot about the egg. I kept waiting for a closeup on a gross goopy spot.

The OP clearly should have put this thread in the Game Room, so I’m moving it for that poor clueless chick. :stuck_out_tongue: From MPSIMS.

Has anyone else tried it? The app allows you to put the times of events on your iPhone calendar, if you want. It also sends you alerts all day long about who won what. Here’s a link.