Is there a male equivalent of the little black dress?

Black jeans, an STFU university logo T-shirt and a Red Sox cap.

Well, it works for me. :cool:

With the top two or three buttons left unbuttoned to show off your gold chain and hairy chest? :slight_smile:

There’s a reason tuxedos have been in style for a hundred years. It only works if it’s tailored properly, however.

I’m going to argue that the tuxedo is sort of the opposite of the little black dress. It’s not very versatile at all. You can wear a tux at a wedding or formal occasion, but you’d look pretentious just wearing one to a night out. And there’re probably esoteric rules about what time of day you can wear one.

I agree with this. The male LBD is the dark suit.

This gets my vote.

Yeah, I remember going out for coffee after a brass quintet performance, walking down Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley at 10 pm on a Saturday night in my tuxedo.

I got a few odd looks.

Slacks, a button-down shirt, and a sport coat is the male equivalent of the little black dress. Put on a tie if the occasion warrants it. You can now go anywhere. In fact, this is how the men of my father’s generation dress every day and they never look over- or under-dressed.

Not at all universal, though. There are a LOT of guys who should never wear turtlenecks.

There is no universal item of clothing that all men look good in any more than one that all women look good in. Doesn’t exists. But what would help most men (and women) is to wear age appropriate clothing that fits their body style, lifestyle and given occassion.

Most people consistantly make mistakes in at least one of the above criteria. Far too many make mistakes in all of the above all at the same time.

I look really great in the arms of a hot blonde cheerleader. I’m betting it applies to all men.

Since you didn’t specify the sex of said hot blonde cheerleader, I’d say your statement is pretty much true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you gone and made me feel all old. This is me dolled up for work, school conferences, nights out, mediations, mafia hits, funerals, weddings, and other such events where denim is generally forbidden on the left or right coast (denim seems to always work in Colorado though).
QuickSilver: nice to see you again dude–been a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks… you’re the second person to welcome me back… nice to be seen and remembered. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I would say a nice wool coat in navy, dark gray, or black. It can be long or sport-coat cut. But a nice coat/jacket on a man will hide a multitude of other clothing sins. No one will notice if your shirt doesn’t quite fit correctly if it’s under a beautiful jacket. My husband has a couple beautiful jackets, one short, one long, and he wears them over tshirts, sweaters, etc. and they ALWAYS look good.

For some guys, it actually is the little black dress.

A nice, dark fitted suit. I defy you to find a man who does not look good in a fitted suit.

Got a thing for Steve Jobs eh?

Before men’s fashions went all baggy, beginning around 1990, even off-the-rack suits looked good, especially on thin guys like me. I miss being able to buy suits and other dressy clothes that way, and having them fit so well.

A fitting suit of any colour IMO. Even a salmon red one, if that’s your thing and you seem comfortable.

My go to suit for any occasion is a light beige suit with a seventies cut, and a purple or baby blue shirt. Sort of a cocaine dealer-look, but it fits, and I’m comfortable. If I want to look more casual I put on a tweed jacket. Nothing says casual as elbow patches.