Is there a market for old style entertainment centers

I have been using an old CRT television but am about to join modern man and go flat screen. But the old, but still in good condition, entertainment center is to tall to put anything larger then a 36 inch or so on top and the space for the TV will not fit anything that size either. So I have a fairly large ( 5ft. x 5.5 ft. x 2 ft.) oak and glass (and HEAVY) perfectly good entertainment center to move out of my home before I get the new TV. Everyone I know with a flat screen has gotten rid of their old centers because the new TV didn’t fit.
So is there a market for these old, large pieces of furniture? It was not cheap and is very solid so it could still be a nice looking piece for a long time.

I re-enforced the base and shelf for the TV and set my aquarium up in it. These supports are behind closed doors so they are unseen. The shelf that was inside there became useless so I stack the cleaning supplies there. Moved it into the den and use the open shelves for figurines and other display objects.

That sounds good. Unfortunately my home is only 600 sq.ft. and there is no place to put it other then where it is right now and when I get the new TV it will have to go.

Yeah, we just moved a couple of months ago and are in a similar situation with a much larger one (3 pieces, total probably 7’ tall and 9’ wide). It fits our 40" TV just fine, and we have no urge to acquire a larger TV, but the new house doesn’t have enough wall space in the living room (at least not if we actually want a sofa in there, which we do).

I tried to put it on Craigslist before we moved and immediately got a dozen obvious scammers. It’s in the basement for now, and who knows? it may stay there until we finish the basement. It’s too bad - it’s a nice piece of furniture in excellent condition. But at least I bought it on Craigslist to begin with, so it’s not like we spent thousands of dollars on it.

Could it be repurposed into a dresser or a play kitchen for a child? Check Pinterest for some ideas.

My flatscreen is currently in my old entertainment center, but the center will be Freecycled when I move.

Someday, the nicer quality ones will most likely have collector value. Right now they are generally just ungainly, miserably heavy pieces of unattractive furniture for a purpose that no longer exists. The dump is their destiny.

The reality is though that most of them really are not nice pieces of furniture. I helped an elderly couple move some things a couple days ago and they had one of these old TV entertainment centers; it was solid wood but the finish was a 70’s factory mess that looked more like plastic than actual wood. This was the era of stagecoach print couches after all.

I bought a rather large well constructed one from a consignment shop when I moved into my house 7 years ago (beautiful wood finish, probably cost $1500 when new), it was a dual use entertainment center/armoire and I needed additional closet space. Got it for $400, when I went to resell it at the consignment center it sat for two years and finally sold for $150. The owner of the shop told me that no one is buying these anymore and that she would no longer accept them on consignment because they take up too much space and don’t sell for much.

Yeah, sorry, nobody wants it.

We had one at the church rummage sale last weekend, and someone bought it. Which proves that there’s at least some market for them, but folks might not want to pay more than a few bucks for it.

Put it out on the street in front of your house. That’s the market for things like this. It’ll be gone in a day or two.

You won’t get any money, but you won’t have to spend any time or money taking it to Goodwill or the dump.

I’ve seen a couple very nice ones that were converted into stereo stands. The TVs, which were hidden by bi-fold doors, were removed and shelves were installed. The shelves were used for a receiver and a DVD player. The speakers to either side were upgraded (in one case) or replaced with commercial bookshelf speakers behind new fabric. Nice flatscreen TVs sat on top. I believe they just left the turntables in place. Don’t remember how they did center speakers.

I was looking at them in consignment shops and on craigslist a few years ago, trying to decide if the innards could be stripped out and replaced with plain shelving. I was thinking of making one into a “linen armoire” to hold towels, sheets and blankets. In the end, I decided against it and we repurposed a bedroom closet to become the linen closet instead.

It’s a shame that all those big pieces of furniture can’t be re-used. Some of them that I saw on craigslist were beautiful mission-style pieces and would have looked nice in my house. But they were just too big.

I have also seen them cut off flush at the TV level and a nice board set across it for a nicer finish to make a knee-high TV stand.

The Salvation Army won’t take the larger nice all hardwood units if you show up with them in pieces even if you have all the hardware and swear to GOD its all there. They’ll tell you in a very diplomatic fashion that it belongs in a landfill.

I wonder if there are any woodworkers who would like the wood to create new things with?

I re-purposed mine into a work bench in the hobby room. Close the doors on it, and suddenly the room is very tidy.

Yeah, I was in a consignment shop recently, and there were a couple of them there for really cheap. Dinosaurs.

You forgot to put the “For sale / $50” sign on it. One on the curb with no sign (or worse yet, “Free”) will sit there forever.

Follow one of those crafty posts on facebook in reverse, and make a pallet out of it.:smiley:

Not true. I’ve left all sorts of worthless stuff out on my curb and someone eventually took every single item. A large wooden cabinet would at least be good for firewood.