Is there a name for the type of music in those 'Enzyte' commercials?



Anybody notice that Adult Swim uses the same music in some of their flashes?

I spose I should try to address the OP seeing as how I did post a hijack. I would call it some derivative of lounge music, perhaps something in the space-age genre. Or perhaps “1950s sitcom incidental music” would be more fitting.

If you like it, try Esquivel or the Les Baxter Orchestra or any of the multitude of space-agey lounge groups. The Ultra-Lounge series is a good place to start (but doesn’t do Esquivel) – try volume 3 “Space Capades”. Esquivel especially does a lot of whistling of jazz standards – there is the great arrangement of “Cachita” off of his Music for a Sparkling Planet and “Sentimental Journey” off of “Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music” which is a phenomenal album that everyone should own.

Totally unrelated to the question, but I just crack up everytime they show the “heros” friend after HE goes and talks to his doctor…

<cheezy voice> “Now he’s steppin’ large, and laughin’ easy…”