Is there a name for this hairstyle?

Some of those newer pics are more low maintenence. It’s the really poofy ones that take more work, the other ones probably just run a bit of mousse through their hair then blowdry.

I used to have long hair but after finally giving in to the fact that long hair doesn’t work for me I stick with shorter cuts. So it’s a Mommy cut, it looks good on me… and it stays more out of the baby’s hands. Now if only I could get contacts so the glasses stop getting smudged :wink:

I would call that “Birth Control Hair” because I do not find it attractive at all.

I know some women my age who wear their hair in the mom style, and they honestly thought that was cool in 1986 too. They are members of the mousse generation and some people never let go of the dreams they had of looking like Denise Huxtable or Sheena Easton.

Yeah, '80’s is what I was thinking too. It looks like '80’s bangs with the bottom cut off.

A few years ago I had a twenty year old co-worker tell me to never give in and cut my below-the-shoulders hair. She also guessed my age ten years low. :smiley:

I really don’t see a haircut anywhere in my immediate future!

Damn. That’s her picture??

I wonder what the thinking behind that was?

BINGO! It’s modified mall-hair.

“Ok, now I KNOW it looks stupid to have big bangs in front and straggly hair in back. I know! I’ll cut off of the back! So it’s short! And not scraggly! And…I’m tired of that half-can of Aquanet, so I’ll just use mousse! So it looks more natural! Yeah, that’s the ticket! No one will EVER know I’m a product of the 80s that way!”

I have worn my hair all lengths and all colours. I have had it curly, wavy, and straight. But I hope to never have this hair-do. To me it says the same thing it seems to be saying to everyone else.

It does look nice on some women, but I don’t personally like it.

I am 30. A few years ago I reconnected with an old highschool friend, someone who in highschool had the most beautifully thick and long hair. I used to play with her hair and stare at it a lot just because it was so wonderful.

She had chopped it all off into this mom haircut. I was strangely disturbed by it.

My mother is nearing 60 and still has really long hair. I have told her repeatedly to never cut her hair short until she absolutely must (aka it becomes unmanageable, or she loses the ability to care for it properly). I am convinced that you aren’t old until you have this old woman hair!

Whenever I’m considering a hair-do I always picture how it would look on me naked. Ok, that’s something I’ve never told anyone before! I don’t think this hair-do in question would be sexy on a naked woman, even if the woman fully clothed does look attractive with it.

Oh my god, me too! When I was a kid, I had a lot of rules about long painted fingernails and heavy makeup because it would look so lame if you were naked. It also used to embarass me when you would see a pinup of someone naked except boots or something. Or even a naked man with glasses on looks wacky to me. It’s just awkward and embarassing. I’m a bit more over it now.

I remember when I was pregnant (at 21), and several different women telling me, “Oh, once you have the baby you’ll have to cut your hair and forget about those long fingernails, you just won’t have time for all that.” Haha. I smiled and said, “Yeah, ok,” and then proceeded to keep myself looking the same as I always did.

Frankly, that whole theory of giving up personal maintainance because you have kids is just a copout IMO. It’s called laziness. I know people with three or four kids who still take pride in their looks.

Motherhood does not equal giving up your appearance. That’s a choice.

Having short hair that’s not the latest thing isn’t really giving up on your appearance. Everyone’s taste is different. I think for a lot of women, having long hair and nails is only worthwhile as long as it’s fun. Looking hot isn’t really a moral duty.

I am surrounded by this haircut–but I live in suburbia USA.
There is a personality that tends to go with this cut. Let’s paint with a broad, broad brush here–IMO, thie cut goes wth the controlling, anal, detail oriented to the last shade of lavendar napkins type person.

It’s supposed to look both “feminine” and be low maintenance–I don’t see the last bit–it looks like tons of maintenance to me.

When I turned 40, I vowed I would never have that haircut. Holding strong at 42. Hair is shoulder length, brownish-blonde, curly.

But they’re right about long hair on older women–it can look really, really bad…

Ah, I wasn’t really saying it had to be the “latest thing,” only that having a kid doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to the homeliess possible look, which so many women do. I mean, the hairstyle in question is being referred to as the the “mom do” or somesuch, and I don’t know any moms, including my own, who wear their hair like that.

I don’t know where I said looking hot is a moral duty, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Keeping yourself together is different than “looking hot.”

Taking care of yourself and having pride in your appearance is a choice. Some choose to do so, others don’t. But, as a young pregnant woman I didn’t appreciate the attitude that that’s just how it was going to be. Again, it’s a choice you make.

I had all my hair cut off when I was in the lower grades of high school - first into a modified version of the “Mommy Cut,” and later into what was not supposed to be, but turned out to be thanks to the hairdresser, a crew cut. Originally due to a tragic marshmallow-roasting accident, but I kept it short because it was easier to deal with. My best friend got hers done, too - possibly out of solidarity, definitely because it was easier to deal with and keep out of the way - she’s a mechanic and was at that time in Vo-Tech classes on auto mechanics. On her, it was an adorable pixie-ish look. On me? I resembled a rather pudgy twelve-year old boy. Or a chipmunk.

I am never getting my hair cut shorter than my chin ever again. If I have kids, I’ll grow my hair even longer and wear it in a braid so the baby won’t eat it.

I guess in reading this thread and looking at the pictures I didn’t really see people who aren’t keeping themselves together. Maybe you didn’t look at the links.

I’ve been told by reliable sources that the hairstyle in question is called a Hennlee.

Though I’m not sure of the spelling.

I’ve seen that happen so many times. A woman has a child and boom! her hair gets cut off.
They say its because it gets in the way, and I believe this, but its not attractive to most men. So ladies, if you are trying to attract a man, keep it long. Once you’ve got him, you may cut it off.
And never let your kids play soccer!!! :cool:

Wow. Just… wow.

For the record, I wear my hair extremely short - they call it a “pixie” cut. Despite being married for 16 years and having a 14-year old daughter, I still get hit on by men fairly regularly.

I think that in many cases, the haircut is attractive. Of course, I am 41 and also a product of the eighties. :slight_smile:

The idea that women suddenly must stop being sexy and attractive once they’ve gotten married or had a child strikes me as being a little odd. On the other hand, if long hair is meant as a signal of sexual availability, it makes a weird kind of sense.

There is a haircut that, to me, says, “I have abandoned my sensuality”, but it’s not this one. It’s the curly “Old Lady Perm”, which I suspect is chosen for its ease of maintenance.

Oh! I was being funny, or attempting to. Sorry! I see I should have used a smilie like this one- :wink:

Is anyone else reminded of the fake commercial on Saturday Night Live a while back for “Mom Jeans”? I can’t find a video link, but here is a transcript of Tina Fey talking about it.