Is there a name for this internet law?

One that states, once you complain about a specific thing which annoys you, someone will inevitably post just to display said annoying habit? If it’s not yet named, I got dibs.

So if your dibs go through, it’d be called the “Electronic Chaos Theory”?

It’s a good name you know. I don’t think anyone can legitimately argue against it.


I was thinking more like EC’s Law, or something similar.

How about the “people are stupid assholes and will beat even the most obvious joke to death through overuse” rule.

I think we could just call it “The BBQ Pit Rule” considering how much that board depends on those lame-ass jokes.

Well, if this law is true, I’d just like to say how much it annoys me when sexy women post pictures of themselves. That really pisses me off! :mad: :mad:

To be fair, I’ve only done that once. In 1960. For 20 minutes.

When you came back, did you bring pie?

If not, fucko off!

Woohoo! I am clichéing like a motherfuck!

With such a lack of imagination, you don’t deserve your own Internet law! :smiley:

But Godwin and Gaudere got their own law!

Not by actively touting for it, you can bet.

I believe Godwin chose the name in honor of the law. Or for some unrelated reason.

I guess this is why Gaudere’s Law got clipped from the Godwin’s Law entry.

Anyway I don’t see any other internet law’s which would cover it. But I’d say it’s more akin to trolling then something in need of a law, but like a baby troll. Trolling with humor. A knee-jerk troll.