Is there a name for this sensation?

Have you ever suddenly stuck your face in front of a hard blowing fan or cooler, and gotten that momentary “rush”? It almost feels like an adrenaline rush. Sometimes at work, I’ll take an airhose and blow some compressed air near my face, just to get that feeling(call me weird).

Anyway, has anyone else noticed this feeling, and does it have a name?

Well, ravers have a term for it… it’s called “Blowing Up” :slight_smile:

Who doesn’t enjoy a good blow? It doesn’t even need a name.

Dunno, but the phenomenon might be related to the “diving reflex,” in which the body redirects blood flow primarly to the heart, brain, and skeletal muscles.

This is usually in response to the face being submerged in cold water, but it wouldn’t surprise me if cold air also did the trick.

wow, that has a name?

okay, what’s the name for the sensation you get when you drink a sip of cold water first thing in the morning, and you can feel the water travel all the way down your esophagus? I love that.