Is there a name for this style of 19th century overcoat?

It’s the one with a shoulder cape worn byJean Valjean at 3:35 in this clip from Les Mis. Most have either fur lapels like that one or else a different color fabric than the rest of the coat.
It’s used a lot in movies set in the early-mid 19th century but I’ve tried googling all manner of keywords on 19th century fashion to find it. I don’t think “shoulder cape” is specific enough.

I think the shoulder cape renders it into a greatcoat, but I’m not quite sure. Googling the term, it says that a greatcoat has a short cape, but then the photos don’t seem to all have capes.

It looks like an Inverness coat.

Thanks for the answers. It’s a tad earlier than the Inverness coat, about a generation or two before. I had the same luck Dangermom in that ‘greatcoat’ seemed right but other than the military greatcoats most of the pics don’t look like that.

OTOH all the greatcoat patterns for sewing involved capes–sometimes more than one. Maybe the capes were detachable?

It’s a Garrick or Coachman’s coat. Also called a Box coat.

Might it be an Ulster?

It seems you’re correct. Here’s a picture of a Garrick coat

ETA : by the way, thanks to the OP for the link to the musical. Is spent (way too much) time watching part of it on youtube tonight.

Ah, thanks! Now I know what to put on my wish list.:wink: