Is there a name for this type of porch?

The wrap-around type porch seen in these four photos. I don’t know my architecture and these pics may well show totally different styles, but it’s the common front-and-sides old-fashioned open porch seen on older type houses that I’m looking for a name on.

A veranda?
“In architecture, a veranda is an open, roofed gallery or portico, adjoining a dwelling house, forming an out- of-door sitting room.”

A portico?
“. . . a portico is a colonnade or covered ambulatory, especially in classical styles of architecture. It is usually, a colonnade at the entrance of a building.”

I’ve always heard them called verandas.

In the reading I’ve done, the style of house in 3 of the pix is a farm house, and the porch is a farm house porch. You get to sit in the sun or shade at any time of the day, and if it’s raining, you can walk laps around the house without getting wet.

I think the term you used in your OP is correct. Wrap-around porches.

Around here, they’re called Farmer’s Porches. Why Farmer’s? I have no idea.

I’ll second Finagle’s assertion that they’re called farmer’s porches, at least as far south as the Rhode Island and Connecticut shores. Me, I calls 'em paradise.