What is this type of paneled door called?


You have to enlarge it to see the detail, but I want a cabinet with that style door. I don’t know what search term I should be using.



Louvered yes, but I’ve also seen it called plantation style.

One possible answer to the OP is “Wayborn Stockholm”.

You can find it matches to Scandanavian style (hence Wayborn’s choice of name)- thats more specific than ‘modern’ … or “modern with retro details”…

The louvers in “plantation” are slats made of a regular shape, and the plantation style is minimalist or brutalist or something- no artistic extras. So don’t say plantation.

So its Scandanavian style - with large and flat fronted louver doors.

In my house we call that style “dust-trap” :slight_smile:

Plantation style is a design flavor-of-the-day. You can find non-louvered things called plantation style as well.

The doors themselves are louvered to let air circulate around the contents. This style was/is popular in warm, wet locations because without air circulation, the contents can get musty and even moldy. My aunt’s childhood (pre air-conditioning) home in New Orleans was full of furniture with louvers or open-panel woodwork to help prevent mold.

I use “slatted” for doors like this.

Its older pattern of corner table used at homes. They are strong and last for many years due ti its strong durability.
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