Is there a network connection monitor app for Android?

What I am looking for is an app that works like CurrPorts for Windows. This isn’t a fully fledged packet analyzer like Wireshark, it just reports that application X has opened a connection to remote host Y.

Is there anything similar for Android?

Googled this. Looks like it’s what you’re looking for.

No, a port scanner is a different type of tool

That may work, but it’s not very user friendly to have to open up output files manually to see what’s been going on.

I think I can picture what the OP wants, sort of a push-down list of events that happen, an example of one line would be “2012-11-26 13:58 AngryBirds opened a connection to

I’d like to see that on Windows too. Of course the list would update a lot more than one might think on Windows.

On Android I have the Avast firewall, and although it doesn’t report connections it does let me block any app I want from accessing the Internet. Anything that doesn’t need access gets blocked by me.