Is there a place with 4 StarBucks?

I live in Seattle, the tumor from which the worldwide cancer of StarBucks originated. I have seen streets where there are StarBucks across the street from StarBucks, and I have seen intersections with 3 StarBucks on different corners. However, I am yet to see four. Are there places, in Seattle our otherwise, where there are four StarBucks locations in a very tight vicinity?


Three is my maximum, too. Robson Square in Vancouver.

Although, in my town, there are three within walking distance of eachother. That’s pretty big for a small town.

The only one I heard of was three at one corner and one inside and a few floors up in a building on the same corner.
It kind of counted, but not really. This was second-hand from a repair person sent to the store…

I don’t know how many of these would actually be on one corner, but:


From the looks of the store list, I’d say Shanghai is a pretty good candidate…

At the IFC in Hong Kong, there’s one on the bottom floor, one in the mall proper, and another one right outside.

I’ve got 69 Starbucks retail stores within 5 miles of my apartment.

It’s insane.

We have a complex of strip malls by my house. On one side of the street there’s a Safeway with a starbucks, and a starbucks in the parking lot. On the other side of the street there’s an Albertson’s with a starbucks, and a starbucks in the attached strip mall. Four starbucks, one intersection.

I’m in Kent, WA by the way.

Go to the Starbuck’s store locator, and put in Las Vegas, within 5 miles. There are about 43 of them. (Pretty much one in every casino, plus some stand-alones)

By that measure, Manhattan is more insane; 191 stores within five miles of Grand Central Terminal.

I think I automatically lose. I used the search on their website and within 20 miles I got none. Within 50 it came up with 5 stores. I’m awful lucky that my town caters to a small, privately owned shop, just cause it’s awesome.


Massachusetts is more of a Dunkin Donuts kind of place. In Milford Massachusetts about 5 miles from me, there are two freestanding Dunkin Donuts in addition to one in a gas station and one in a supermarket all well within 1 square mile. You can see all of them standing on the roof of a 2 story building and if you divide them in pairs, each one is within 1/4 of another one.

If you want the maximum density of McDonalds locations, one should look at Milan Italy of all places. I have no idea why but that city has one almost literally on every other block. It comes in handy for using the bathroom but it is a little odd.

If they’re all making money, I’d call it genius.

Unless you’re referring to the customers. :slight_smile:

Hundred and five.

The obvious question which is begged is: how the hey do these outlets make any profit?
What exactly is the overall strategic business plan here (if any)? As a non-coffee drinker
perhaps I’m not grasping something obvious…

62 within 5 miles and 9 within 2 miles. My favorite Portland jole is to tell people to meet me at the McMenamins near the Starbucks.

Whew, only 34 Starbucks within a 5-mile radius of my apartment. Glad we haven’t been overrun here yet.

41 within 5 miles, and 8 within 2 miles, and I’m not even in The Loop! (In The Loop there are 97 in 5 miles, 64 in 2 miles - none of them in my first count)!

My guess is that most people want to drink a cup of coffee while it’s still hot, and many like to carry it back to their offices rather than drinking it in the store, so more locations are better than fewer.