Is There A Real Psychological Disorder For True Crime Buffs

I like reading about the true crime books. I was reading in Usenet and one of the posters (probably a troll) was saying, people who enjoy the true crime genere actually suffer from a psycho-sexual sexual disorder, since most of those true crimes have a sexual component to them.

Now I don’t really buy into that, because the true crime genere usually picks those cases with sexual components because they tend to be more interesting from a mystery standpoint, than those non-sexual crimes where someone simply points a gun, shoots, then leave.

But it got me to thinking, is there an ACTUAL disorder where people, for lack of a better phrase, “get off” reading those types of crimes?

I find them interesting but I also like any mystery novel or Robin Cook type of book

No, not specifically. A blanket assertion like that is not true of most people who like any genre.