Is there a ring in hell for Skip Bayless?

How the hell can people watch this guy?
No particularly trenchant OP analysis here - just wanted to be a big bringdown.

I’d like to get him and Chris Russo in a room and flood it.

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Can Steven A hang out with them?

The only thing I know about this guy is one YouTube link that I’m prewarned by the person posting it that I don’t want to watch it. Who is he, and why should I care about him?

The link I provided explains it all: he’s one of the worst flip-flopping sports commentators, and is sometimes off the mark, considerably. A lesser complaint is that sportscasters - while they don’t to have to necessarily come across as, say, a Bo Jackson or Chris Pronger - have to at least exude some air of testosteron-y/athletic bearing and presentation, and not be some twerpy-verging-on-fey little weasel like Bayless is.

An introduction to the nearest wood-chipper is what I’d recommend for him.:slight_smile:

He’s a talking head with nothing to say.

So, he deserves eternal damnation because he’s “twerpy-verging-on-fey”?

He is an elderly sportswriter. He does know sports but he also knows tv needs conflict. Think of sports roundtables as journalistic WWE.

As already stated, that was a lesser complaint, meanwhile, none of the following registered with you?

To elaborate on Chronos’ post: So he deserves his own special place in hell, because

and he’s a


None of those are offenses warranting a wood-chipper, or their own personal hell, or much outrage at all:confused:

Your tolerance threshold is Herculean, then.
Or, masochistic.:stuck_out_tongue:

When he and Stephen A are in the same room it gets profoundly worse.

Most sports journalism “personalities”, meaning sportswriters obnoxious enough to be on TV probably ought to have their extremities smashed with sledgehammers starting from the fingertips/toes inward.

They basically play on the worst tribal notions of sports fans, along with the extreme opinionation of a lot of sports fans. Not because they’re necessarily that stupid, but because it sells- either you love it because they’re on your side, only more vociferous, you love to hate them, or they’re just crazy enough to be entertaining regardless of the topic. Anyone with a brain ought to get irritated at it; it’s generally just this side of outright hateful most of the time.

Journalistic WWE is an excellent way of describing it.

Yeah, well at least Jim Rome isn’t like that. I very much enjoy his measured, journalistic integrity approach.

He plays an act. His job is to get people going and make them feel smarter than he is.

Off set, I hear he’s real class guy.

He’s a professional sports troll. Put him on ignore like any other.

Actually I kind of like how I can treat him as a Bizzaro sports authority. Almost any opinion he has is wrong so just believe the opposite. If he asserts something as fact then the opposite is true.

Really? I’ve heard he’s a giant prick. Too bad, his brother seems like a great guy.

Same with Dan Patrick – I really like listening to him.

I came in to mention his brother. One of my favorites. He has a place in Philly I’d like to try.

Skip Bayless is a fucking idiot, like a considerable percentage of sports-related talking heads. Stephen A. Smith is also a monumental tool.

But this:

is perhaps the dumbest critique of a sports commentator i’ve seen in a long time.