Is there a scientific term for this?

I, in my cramped part of the world, always manage to meet at least two of each distinct person. Lemme explain. People always leave an impression with me even as a kid: pals, bullies, class whizzes, crushes. As early in my life as college, I managed to meet someone who’s not just a dead ringer to someone I knew but acts exactly the same way, so much so that he/she tends to play the same ‘role’ as before.

At work or off-work, I’ve hooked up with I think at least three women who were exact replicas of college hotties I never got to talk to (or found the nerve.)

And then there’re the office characters. Too many to enumerate. I watched myself grow old in my office (I’m 49 now.) The work force has done more than one complete overhaul in my time and I keep meeting the “same” people. There was even one girl I talked to, I told her “you couldn’t have been that same one I met back then, it means you haven’t aged 15 years.” She kinda liked that.

If there is, it would be part of the science of Psychology, since it’s clearly your brain “typecasting” these people.
Psychological projection is the best I can think of, but I’m sure there’s a more precise term.

Okay, this is a little bit more precise, IMO:
Projective Identification

or maybe: