Is there a site that aggregates streaming services?

As in, say I want to watch season 2 of Louie. (I do, in fact.) So I check Netflix. No. I check Hulu. No. I check Amazon, it’s not free.

Is there some site where I can just go and tell it what I want and it will tell me what services have it and if it’s free legally anywhere (or with subscription like Hulu Plus or Netflix)? Convenient and easy to use and reliable?

For standard DVD/streaming releases, tracks some of those things. E.g., here is the page for the recent Sherlock Holmes movie.

LocateTV has icons that show you where and if a show or movie is available online or on DVD, and will even search for the cheapest place to buy the DVD for you.

I can’t vouch for either of these sites, but I’ve been told that works for TV shows and works for movies.