Where can I watch.... whatever

Is there one source where you can you can look up where a particular TV show or movie is streaming or otherwise available? If not there should be. The landscape is getting more and more cluttered with streaming sites and it’s getting harder to figure out how to get content especially older shows. IMDB is no help since it’s owned by Amazon and has a “watch on Amazon” button even when the show isn’t available on Amazon.

I often use Can I Stream It. Pretty sure that’s just movies but it covers a wide range of possible sources.

I use InstantWatcher for Amazon/Netflix. Decent advanced search interface with several nice options to narrow stuff down.

If you have the latest TiVo, it can find showings of programs across streaming services and VOD services.

Yes, it’s called “the internet.” :wink:

Seriously though, first I search on my Roku to see if any of the the major streamers offer it. If not, that generally means it’s on a channel specific stream, and you can’t get those unless you pay for cable/satellite tv (with a few exceptions, like HBO). Sometimes I’ll Google the show to see if that’s the case.

The OP is right; this info is harder to find than it should be. Ideally, someone would create a site that lets you specify whatever it is you want to watch, figures out who owns the streaming rights, and then presents you with an offer. For example, you can watch that Christmas episode of Magnum PI once for $0.25. The site would take care of paying the rights holder on the backend and would use a common interface whether the show is available via Hulu, Amazon, Netflix or whoever.

That’s sort of what I’m looking for. I’ll have to play around with it. It looks pretty clunky and I’m finding it difficult to use mobile.

Those two I have so it’s not too hard to search for.

That’s not going to happen I’m locked in to the cable DVR.

Especially since it’s only going to get more fractured with Disney, CBS, Universal, MGM and probably a lot more going to their own streaming services.

the funny thing is how this ends up is gonna be no different from owning a cable box … youll just have it on a box you switch between them only difference is we might get lucky and can have services ala carte

I like to watch old movies. Is there someplace I can get streaming information that would be less complex than for those who want to watch new flicks or teevee shows? I’ve got a hankerin’ for Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing (1956).

I think JustWatch is a bit better than Can I Stream It, but there really isn’t any search site that is streets ahead of any other. Or if there is, I’d like to see it. The JustWatch mobile app looks a lot better than the Can I Stream It app (which hasn’t been updated in years), anyway.

Well, as others have mentioned, as long as those services release apps for the various set top boxes and other devices, the searching aspect isn’t going to matter all too much. Apple and Roku (to name two) can search across multiple streaming services. For example, I say “Hey Siri, I want to watch an episode of Cheers,” and it tells me it’s available to watch via the iTunes, Hulu, CBS and Netflix apps. What Dewey Finn proposed is more or less here already and it can be a relatively seamless process. Emphasis on relatively.

Axiom: Nothing exists until there is a profit incentive for someone to create it.

Another vote for Just Watch - you can filter for which service, see what’s new. Very handy.

It’s exactly the same searching for old content as it is for new content. If you know how to search using Google, you know how to search using JustWatch. You enter “The Killing” into the search bar and the results are to either buy or rent it via clickable links to both Google Play and iTunes.

Forget about keeping up with new series. I find nowadays I can’t even keep up with the new networks.

A couple of years ago, a friend told me about a series and I thought it sounded good. It turns out it was on Yahoo. I didn’t know Yahoo produced series.

It happened again yesterday. I read about a series and then tried to search for it. And that’s how I found out there’s a web network called Blackpills, which I had never heard of.