Is there a specific rule about advocating Naziism?

This guy just got banned for it. I looked through the board rules and didn’t see anything about it, and ISTM that it isn’t necessarily being a jerk.

Probably considered trolling. It’s obvious the only thing he was going to contribute was trying to spread Nazism.

His claim that “I came to spread the word. 14/88” pretty much painted him as a white supremacist. I don’t get it. Most of the board complains when such fools aren’t swiftly banned, and when one is, you’re wondering why?

Props to Marley for his swift euthanasia of an obvious under-bridge dweller.

I don’t know what your definition of trolling is, but the one I know applies only to people who throw out stuff to get a rise out of people. It’s not trolling if you genuinely believe in your stupid shit. Being a white supremacist is not, in and of itself, a violation of board rules.

ETA: if you are referring to NDD, I think people were split about 50/50 on whether to ban him and it had little to do with his specific views. It was more about him shitting in every thread tangientially related to race, and characterizing every post that disagreed with him as a logical fallacy. I didn’t think he should be banned until he called MrDibble a rapist, for example, and AIUI that was the straw that broke the mods’ backs.

At the very least, he violated the don’t be a jerk rule.

He was warned about using slurs. I certainly have no problem with that sort of moderation but I don’t see where he did it again, or anything. Are you saying that advocating Naziism is inherently jerkish?

He, by his own words, came to spread the word about white supremacy. I’ll be the first in line to call that being a jerk. Whether he believes in it or not, doesn’t matter. We’ve seen a summer of racial malcontents disrupting the board with their half witted crap, worthless cites, and general douchebaggery.

How far will we go down that slippery slope? I also would consider a white supremacist a jerk, but I’m sure others would consider anti-abortion or anti-gay marriage people jerks. How long until all of the above are banned along with people who don’t support GOP tax cuts because a conservative mod considers those people “jerks”?

First, they came for the Nazis…

I’m kind of on board with the OP. Kind of. I’m not so bothered the guy was banned, but Marley’s explanation seemed inadequate, as it implies that advocating Nazism is against the rules. Is it?

“You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use the SDMB to post any material that you know or should know is false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or in violation of U.S. law.”

Naziism is inherently hateful, so against the rules by definition

Oh, come on. When two thirds of us were calling GWB a shitstain, none of us got warnings. It was justified, but certainly hateful.

It’s one thing to hate an individual because of the things that he chose to do.

It’s something else to hate every single member of a race just for having different skin.

I don’t think advocating Naziism should be disallowed. But in that case it was clear that it wasn’t an academic discussion of the topic. I can see that a combination of some loathsome subjects, and the use of slurs and vitriolic language would be grounds for banning the topic. However, Marley did only provide one warning, then 2 minutes later banned him for other content that could have been included in the first warning. Not that I care about that banning or the shut down of that thread in particular, but a second warning or more inclusive warning should have been given to keep things kosher.

I, OTOH, think that Naziism should be banned on the Board (and everywhere else, for that matter.) So props for Marley for pulling the trigger on that jerk very promptly.

It would appear that the man banned himself by insulting other posters and shitting his nonsense in other threads. That’s the key here. You can argue about how fast it was done or if he should have gotten more warnings (and to be sure, I haven’t tracked through the board trying to find all his posts, nor will I), and certainly a long time poster would have been given more leeway, but given that we’ve been bombed by racists and idiots (often one and the same) lately, I have no problem with our mods ‘pulling weeds’ as it were.

More evidence of the Jewish plot.

I can’t believe I missed a neonazi. That was quick.

He didn’t post in any other threads.

So it is. Only that thread. I clearly failed my correspondence course in Reading For Comprehension.

I still won’t cry over that banning.

I have no problem whatsoever with banning Nazis. Zero tolerance toward them is my rule.

It’s the rule of the US government too. To this day, my wife is still asked on her application to renew her US visa whether she was ever a member of the Nazi Party. An affirmative answer would mean no visa.