Is there a sure-fire answer to how to make pork rinds puff?

Many years ago I tried some product that was kinda like “PopRinds” - hard, mostly dry pieces of pork skin that you put in the microwave and the rinds would puff up into hot, fresh pork rinds. I would have loved it, except they didn’t come in any simply salted versions.

I’ve also taken ham skin and roasted it, bacon with the rind and fried it. But the improvised attempts were very hit&miss in terms of getting the skin to actually bubble or puff sufficiently to make it crunchy vs. piggy jawbreaker.

Is there some secret to the way the skin has to be prepared or a sure-fire method?

Paula Deen says bake a ham skin at 325° for 3 hours or deep fry.

The ingredients on this brand of microwaveable pork rinds are just pork and salt.