is there a term for :P ?

blow rashberries?

I guess it could be, but I always thought of it as just sticking one’s tongue out at someone… nyah, nyah, nyah.


“pthbthpthth”…kinda like a razzberry sound.

I’ve just heard it called " a raspberry."


Oh, good ol’ Thuppie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tongue Sticky-Outie.

I’ve always just called it the raspberry. (It looks better if you use the Thorn (Þ or þ, Alt+0222 or Alt + 0254) than the capital P; the capital P looks like your tongue is lolling out of the side of your mouth.)


I always thought of it as the “dduuuiieeyaa” sound that cartoon characters make when they realize something obvious.

The “tongue-out” smiley works for me.


I believe in Bloom County the preferred spelling was “Pthbbbt.” Pronounced pithibbit.

I prefer to call it the “stupid mistake”. I used colon-capital-P instead of colon-lowercase-P in a recent post and it didn’t come out as :stuck_out_tongue: as intended. :wally: :smiley:

Thanks, tomndeb, I like the Thorn.

I like the MSN Messenger 4.6 version, myself.

Bronx Cheer.

Sorry – Kalhoun was correct, it’s the Tongue Sticky-Outie.

[Kung-Pow]I call him Tonguey.[/K-P]

I like the term “pub.”