Is there a thread about 'sicko'? And if so I can has a link pleez?

er, yeah.

Uh, what?
Are you talking about Michael Moore’s movie?

I searched for Sicko and Moore and turned up a bunch. Here is one:

Yes. Is there something else around named ‘sicko’?

Try using the search function. It’s only for members, but you seem to have signed up and paid your dues so you should be able to access it. If you can’t find it, it’s in that blue bar at the top of the screen and says ‘Search’.

I found that I got results on 4-5 threads by searching for ‘Michael Moore Sicko’ in Cafe Society (try adding Great Debates if you want threads in that forum).

Have you done a search on the word yourself?

It didn’t occur to me to do a search. Sorry.

It’s ok, you’re obviously new around here.


Where I do I report to for the goat-related activities?