Help me search for a thread

I want to find the Cafe Society thread about Nine (the animated Nine, not the musical Nine, sorry twickster :wink: )

“Nine” isn’t allowed by the SDMB search, and google gives me pages and pages of irrelevant results. Does anybody remember a longer word in the thread title, or does someone have it in their subscribed threads list?

Wow, that is a tricky thread to find…and I’m a bit of a Google master. Did you post in it? Could just search your own history if so (from your profile page).

This it?

I just went back 22 pages of Cafe Society to September, figuring the thread should still be thereabouts as it was released September 9th.

If it helps, a search for this turned it up as the second hit on Google: “animated movie” nine doll

Oh, thanks a bunch, Red Barchetta! I’ve been thinking about how to find that thread for days, but I never considered the brute force search!

No, I had not posted in the thread yet. I hadn’t even seen it. But the dopers have a thread for every movie, so I knew it would be there! I thought it might be like Schrödinger’s Thread… It only existed when I wasn’t looking for it. :slight_smile:

Yargh, I tried exactly that except sans the quotes and the doll, as I thought that was starting to get too specific…apparently not.

I imagine it’s a lot easier to find what you know what you’re looking for though. I didn’t know whether it was “nine” or “9” or that anyone used the word doll…