Can you identify this movie thread?

I could just be imagining things, but I could have sworn that a question was posted here some months ago asking about some strange Italian movie in which people (maybe just women) were being made into mannequins or dolls or something like that. I’ve tried just about every search I could thing of, and have come up with zip. Anyone remember this???

I am sure this is way off, but could it be “Stepford Wives”?

Although it is not Italian.

Yes, there was a thread in which we discussed an Italian film in which a scientist invents a mixture that “condenses” living things down into doll size and shape. I couldn’t remember the film’s name then, but someone else came up with it. If you search my past posts you ought to find it.

Here’s the thread:

The movies was Girl in his Pocket

Many thanks. I never considered that the title might have been “Old Disney movie.”