Old Disney Movie??

Please Help me please!!

I vaguely recall watching a movie that was part of the Wonderful World of Disney in which Inger Stevens(I think) is dehydrated into a small statue.

Can anyone remember this?

Hmm… The dehydrated in a tube thing sounds familiar…

Was this from the seventies?

This sounds like a circa 1960 Italian movie in which a professor invents a solution that can be used to “dehydrate” animals into a tiny, brittle statue. They can be reconstituted by a bath in salt water. His girlfriend/mistress drinks some of the stuff to hide from the professor’s wife, and the professor later finds her and "reconstitutes her in a bathtub of saline. They start meeting this way for their trysts, and at the end she has a close call when she is almost dropped (and broken), but luckily drops into the ocean, instead, and is reconsistuted.

It’s definitely not a Disney flick, and it wasn’t Inger Stevens in this version (according to the IMDB). The title was something like “Love of a Doll”, or something like that, but I haven’t been able to track it down on the IMDB. Apparently it was based on a short story, in which the woman ends up tragically broken.
I saw part of the film once, but it was a long time ago. They wrote it up in Forrest J. Ackerman’s Famous Monster of Filmland.


I think you are thinking of the '60’s Batman movie.

I remember there was also a Star Trek episode like this.

Sheesh, what was with the 60’s and dehydrating people?

…and in Soylent Green people were dehydrated into crackers…

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board, and someone posited that your movie might be the 1957 classic Girl in His Pocket.

That’s the one I was looking for! Couldn’t recall the exact title, and wasn’t able to find it on IMDB.