Just how many "ID this movie" threads have there been (Plus one!)

I’m looking for a movie I saw when I was growing up in the 1960’s. I thought it was a Disney film but can’t seem to find it there. My search skills are weak. Maybe I saw it on the Wonderful World of Disney.

It was about an Indian girl who wanted to ride in a special cross country horse race. I think the horse was an Appaloosa, but I’m not positive. The girl was a teenager, with long braids. I think women had never been in the race, or weren’t allowed. She had to persuade the tribal leaders to let her compete, and I remember a scene where she’s on the horse, running it cross country, and she and the horse must leap over a road and car. The car happens to be carrying the leaders, who decide she’s good enough to race.

As a kid I thought it was cool because the girl was proving a woman could ride as well as a man, kind of empowering, although I wouldn’t have thought of it that way at the time.

Anyone else remember this one?

Run, Appaloosa, Run?

If I may insert my own inquiry, I am wondering about a certain animated film which I remember from many years ago. It included a scene of a princess who went out into the city and gave food to some poor people. When she returned to the palace and told her father the king what she did, he was impressed and gave her a medal.

For a long time I thought it was Anastasia, but I recently re-watched it and no such scene was to be found.

That sounds like it! Now I need to find it. Thanks so much!