Is there a trope for 'You know if you had a gun'/ Why are you meleeing?

Nah. I’ve seen plenty of MCU movies and I like most of them, for many of the reasons you name. But the endings of sufficiently many conform to this particular painful formula and I hate it whenever it appears. “They’re good except for the bad parts” doesn’t cut it. I’ve sat through them, I know they exist, and I’m entitled to complain about the result.

I don’t think anyone’s complaining because the likes of Superman and the Hulk don’t bother with Glocks or AR-15s. But it’s odd that relatively normal people in Loki who worked at the TVA didn’t use projectile weapons to prune anyone.

And I think this right here is the reason why we see so many fisticuffs. It’s visually exciting and satisfactory in a way that shooting someone isn’t.

Sure, a totally reasonable position. Hard on the internet to know whether in this quote:

The “every” is meant literally or close-to-literally, or is just shorthand for “unfortunately many”.

I want to point out that in Infinity War…if they’d had FIVE War Machines up there…the bad guys never would have made it through. And they only downed him when one of the Black Order threw something at him.