Is there a way to enable a network connection or a CD-RW from DOS?

Okay. For no apparent reason, I can no longer boot up my p1.5 with windows xp. Safe mode hangs on “Agp440.sys” and then I get a blue screen of death telling me that I have an Unmountable boot volume. Great.

According to an Internet search, I am not the first person in the world to run into this problem. Some people solve it by reinstalling everything. Others need to play with their BIOS (sometimes its a plug and play problem, other times its a acpi problem).

The recovery CD will let me get into DOS, which let me run f-prot (it found a virus, but I don’t think that was the cause).

Although I’ve resigned myself to try a full recovery, I don’t want to do it until I save some of my files.

SO (assuming nobody has any other suggestions) MY QUESTION IS…

Is there a way to either
(1) enable a network connection between my wife’s computer and my piece of crap in order to copy files, or
(2) enable the CD-RW to be able to burn files from DOS?

Thanks a bunch.

MS dos networking is a royal pain in the posterior. The easiest thing to do is hook the drive up as a slave in the wife’s computer and copy the files to her hard drive.

I’ve never seen dos software that can burn a cd.

There was a free version (non-pirated) of Lan Workplace for DOS that was released - it would let you at least use TCP/IP to ftp the files to another machine. You could look for other free TCP/IP solutions.

Other than that…why not move the hard drive physically to the other computer, copy the files or burn them, then move it back? I have to do this all the time.

Go to and look for Bart’s network boot disk. It is pretty easy to connect to another windows machine that way. If you are using NTFS on your hard drive you will need to load NTFS drivers in DOS as well.

engineer_comp_geek’s solution is by far the simplest and fastest.

If you must DOS NIC it you will probably need to use old software that might have a bellyache with recent vintage PNP NIC hardware. Here is link for a DOS network software and a file trasnfer program.

As a side note a simple parallel port or null modem transfer DOS program would be a simpler solution if you have a null modem or parallel port transfer cable handy. There are numerous freeware file transfer programs that will do this easily off a DOS boot without needing to install a network OS, be forewarned that this method is slow however.

If you want email me and I will send you one I have used.