Is there a way to find a movie based on the music?

Dag Wiren’s Serenade in Strings (here, specifically the fourth movement, start listening at 10:33 if you’re interested) or something very much like it (and I mean plagiaristically like it) I’m sure was used in some movie from the 40s or 50s, and I’d like to find out what movie it was. My mind is associating it with a British mystery or detective story, for what that’s worth.

I’ve checked IMDB but it doesn’t seem possible to search by music there.

Any other options? Or, miraculously, does anyone recognize the music and know the movie? By the way, says that it was used as the theme music for a British radio program called Monitor, but I’m sure I’ve never heard that show (or heard of it either) so that’s not the memory that’s being triggered.

OK, SDMB, wow me with your knowledge and expertise.

You can search IMDb by Dag Wiren, pulling up the movies that list him as composer.

Searching for Dag Wiren in IMDB brings up the entry for Dagmara Dominczyk.

Thank you.

OK, I tried that and only one movie comes up, a Swedish movie which, when I pull up the list of all the movie’s music, does not mention Dag Wiren.

It looks like this one is going to go unsolved. My guess is that the music was either used uncredited or some hack film composer copied it and never got caught.

One movie has him in “Music Department”. Nine have him as “Composer”.

Wifey has an app on her phone that can identify the titles of songs and provide links to their uses in pop culture/film/etc.

Maybe this would be helpful?

I see I clicked on the wrong thing. I do see 9 composer credits. All of those are Swedish films that I’m sure I’ve never seen. Oh well.

Thanks, I’m willing to try it. What is it called?

It says “A Matter Of Morals” was an English-language film with Patrick O’Neal as the banker who gets enmeshed in a story of embezzlement and murrrderrr.

OK, I concede the English language part, but how do you know what it’s about? IMDB has neither plot nor synopsis listed (that I can find, although apparently I’m not too good at IMDB). No plot keywords, no FAQs, no user reviews, no message board threads, and the Genre just says “Drama.” Is there more about this movie on IMDB Pro?

Naw, for that I had to go to wiki, which has an image of the movie poster, which reads as follows: “GUILTY of making love to another man’s woman…GUILTY of taking another man’s millions…GUILTY of firing the shot that took another man’s life…Yet…who is to say he is guilty of MURDER?!?!

You’re a very thorough person. I never would have expected a Wiki entry on such an obscure movie.

Thanks, but I’d have been happier if it’d been the film you were trying to remember.

His Wikipedia page lists a number of English language titles under the heading Film Music.

Although it appears they may only be English translations of Swedish films. Alas.

It also appears one of his works was the theme music for a BBC arts programme called Monitor. From the Monitor Wiki page:

Seems a likely candidate for what you’re describing, even if not exactly a match.

Never mind. You’ve already mentioned Monitor as a radio program. Poor reading skills on my part. Sigh.

ETA: The TV program was entirely separate, and while only a special on Elgar appears to be currently available on the BBC site, here’s a program listing.

stupid edit window.

The TV program ran from 1958-1962

You can find a broad range of clips from it here.